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                中文 English 日本語 歡迎訪問廈門澳门线上娱乐大全太陽能科技有限公司官網
                Cement Roof (Tripod)
                Product overview

                Pre-assembled for easy installation

                D-module can be put into GD Rail from any position. So the parts Can be pre-assembled in the factory to save your install time on site.

                Various Solution to the different conditions

                GD Rail and its accessories can be installed with most of solar panels on the commercial and residential roof.

                Safety and Reliability

                The racking systems can stand up extremely bad complying with the AS/NZS 1170 and other international structure load standards. The main support components have also been tested to guarantee its structure performance and load-carrying capacity.

                Install SiteLow profile roof or open fieldMaterialAluminum & Stainless Steel
                Tilt Angle10deg-60degColorNatural
                Building HeightUp to 20mAnti-corrosiveAnodized
                Max Wind SpeedUp to 60m/sWarranty10 Years Warranty
                Snow Load <1.4KN/㎡DurationMore than 20 Years
                StandardsAS/NZS 1170 & DIN 1055 & Other
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                Contact information

                Address:Building B/C Vanke Yunxi, No. 527/529 Gaolin Middle Rd, Huli Dist, Xiamen, China.



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